Madras Mission

Vision: Spread the spirit of Franciscan Clarist Congregation - follow Poor Humble Crucified Christ through our life and service in a village. Thus a prolong dream about the care for cancer patients fulfilled with the establishment of F. C. Convent and Jeevodaya Hospice for cancer patients.
Look after the needs of the Parish Church and especially have a keen interest in the Spiritual affairs of the Parishes'. We started a new Convent in Mugappair. Added to the convent, start a hostel for women to help their life and study.
Uplift the surrounding of the villages in Education, Life style, Health and Hygiene, we started a new Convent in Nemallur. A clinic also attached with this convent
Mission: Jeevodaya Hospice aims at Serve the Poor, rejected and abandoned advanced cancer patients by giving them free Palliative care- Total Care- physical, spiritual and moral care- of the patient thereby help them to live in dignity and die in dignity.
Through the nursery school and the kid's library - which give basic education to the poor kids around the Convent - mould the young minds to lead a life rooted in God's Love and Love for the neighbour.
Through the free Community Clinic answer the immediate medical needs of the poor people of the locality and also give them awareness on health and hygiene also. Give them awareness on the killer disease cancer.
Join the Parish Priest in his pastoral work to Build up the Syro-Malabar Community in Perambur and Mathur. Strengthen the Catholic families in their faith and traditional rituals.
In Nemallur conduct various activities separately for women, Youth and Children to bring out the outcome of the vision. Aim is to spread the gospel of Jesus "Love one another as I loved you". Child without any discretion to caste, class, creed or religion

Kenya Mission

Vision:.  The first Kenyan house was Catholic Mission House. Uplift the poor local people providing education and job opportunities. Strengthen their faith in God through sacraments and catechism classes and seminars. Inculcate and improve their stand in the society. Care the vulnerable children of the society. Nurse the sick and improve their life situation.  

Mission: We provides Basic education through Boarding Primary School both for the boys and girls and secondary education to the girls. Many poor local students are educated freely while rich students paying fees.

Different vocational trainings are given to the poor young girls to earn their daily bread. Through Boarding Primary School, many poor students are given free education. We conduct seminars and vocation camps are organized for young women. Care the unwanted disabled children  Physically disabled children are sent various institutions for higher or technical studies.

Conduct seminars and courses for the youth and Sunday classes for the kids, - care the aged and destitute people of the parish.

 Prepare the children of the three school for sacraments Baptism, Confession, Holy Communion and Confirmation.  Assist in all the pastoral work of the Parish.

Care the physically disabled and mentally retarded children of the society and educate them. Empower in the students the Christian values through education. Encourage the youth to follow Jesus through religious life and serve the communities.

 Care the disabled and mentally retarded children and give awareness to the society not to discard them.  Job Oriented training to the poor, young ladies to make them self sufficient. Religious formation is given for these who aspire religious life.

  Religious formation is given for these who aspire religious life


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